Despre noi
Suntem gardienii fondului forestier privat, asigurându-ne că terenurile din acest fond nu sunt ocupate ilegal, că arborii nu cad sub amenințarea tăierilor ilegale, și că pădurile noastre nu devin victimele furturilor, distrugerilor sau degradărilor. Și nu ne oprim aici - paza noastră acoperă și obiectivele din fondul forestier național, pasunatul și alte activități care ar putea afecta integritatea fondului forestier.
We realise the participation of different companies in big expo projects, branding and promotional services. Also we can offer strategy marketing services.
Say Hello and tell a story about the company in several paragraphs long text. What clients do you work with, what inspires you to work? What is your team proud of? What are your values and motto?
Let the numbers tell about us!
We always make progress and develop our skills. There are some facts about our activities:
4 years
Our company was founded in 2013 and still then we are always in progress.
1456 prejects
There is a number of realised projects from 2014 till 2017
1 prize
First award in the nomination of the best marketing project in 2017
GH 2017
We are the youngest team, that got a GH this year
Our team
All members of the team works united with every projects of the company. We collected best professionals together
  • Jimm Lars
    Founder & Art Director
  • Max Remonex
    Customers Support
  • Nicola Zimakis
    Design Director
  • Johanna Winter
    Marketing Director
  • Michael Rimm
    Marketing Director
  • Dina Sannos
    Marketing Director
  • Lara Nils
    Marketing Director
  • Dmitry Stotov
    Marketing Director
Contact us with any convenient way. We are always opened for new ideas and big deeds.

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